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Recruiting API - Endpoints

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Swagger documentation

The following swagger page gives an overview of the endpoints:




Post candidate
The endpoint Post candidate allows to send a candidate to be hired in the core system. This method returns the processId to check the status.

POST https://api.youserve.nl/recruiting/v1.0/candidates

There are 2 ways of calling this endpoint, with or without attachments.

With attachments

The header Content-Type should be: multipart/related; boundary="A100x"; (The boundary is the one you choose). The total size among all files is up to 4MB and the allowed file types are pdf, docx, txt, jpg, jpeg and png.

The body should be splitted by sections, being the first one a json section with the candidate data as in the request without attachments.

For each attachment, there will be 2 sections:

  • json section: name of the file

Content-ID: <content>
Content-Type: application/json


  • file section: content of the file

Content-ID: <content>
Content-Type: application/pdf

1 0 obj
<< (this example is not complete)

Process status

After the candidate is posted to the API, the process can be followed with the status endpoint. The status of a process could be Pending, InProgress, WaitingOnValicare (if it is configured), Completed or Failed.
Replace the ProcessId in the URL with the processId from the previous API call.

GET https://api.youserve.nl/recruiting/v1.0/candidates/{ProcessId}


Checking the status of the hire is needed, because failed hires won’t be automatically reprocessed. It is necessary to correct the problem and send them again.

Also it is possible to get a list of processes, filtering by status, created after and created before.

GET https://api.youserve.nl/recruiting/v1.0/candidates/status

GET https://api.youserve.nl/recruiting/v1.0/candidates/status?status=Completed

GET https://api.youserve.nl/recruiting/v1.0/candidates/status?createdAfter=2021-09-01&createdBefore=2021...


Vacancies DRAFT

⚠️ This is a draft endpointVacancy data cannot be exposed at this moment. Please reach out to our community for more info. 


GET vacancies
The endpoint GET vacancies gives a list of vacancies of the tenant. This endpoint is available only with mock data for the sandbox tenant.

GET https://api.youserve.nl/recruiting/v1.0/vacancies


Postman collection and environment

As attachment you can find a zip file with the collection and the environment.