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Discover “My areas” in Visma Community

30-06-2021 09:00
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Select your favourite areas and notice the difference in your community experience. 

What are “My areas”?


“My areas” are the areas with shortcuts in your navigation. They also appear on the front page of your community profile. Simply put, selecting your areas of interest gives you a better user experience in Visma Community.

What are the benefits of selecting “My areas”?

By selecting your areas, you enhance your user experience in several ways:


  • Faster navigation
  • Easier access to products and services
  • News and updates on your favourite topics

How do I select “My areas”?

It’s easy to select the products and subject areas you want to see. 


Adjust “My areas”

1. Go to “My areas” in the top navigation and select “Manage My areas



2. You can choose to remove areas you don’t use and add areas you are interested in.



3. If you want to select an area with limited access, go to that area and ask for access via the email address that appears in the information box.



4. You can also add areas outside your profile. Navigate to the area you want to add, i.e. by using the search field for products and subject areas at the top of the page.



5. Click on “+ My areas” on the right-hand side to add your selected area



Good luck in selecting your favourite areas and getting more value out of Visma Community!