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Subscriptions - How to receive email notification on relevant content in Community

by Anonymous (Updated ‎26-11-2019 16:21 by Linda de Putane VISMA )

What type of content can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to:

  • A product- or subject area
  • New content in Forum, Ideas, Knowledge base, News and/or Courses within a product or subject area. 
  • Categories within Knowledge base, Forum, Ideas and News.
  • Specific Forum threads, ideas, knowledge base articles and news articles.

How do I subscribe to information relevant to me?

  1. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post/area/category you would like to subscribe to
  2. Choose Subscribe in the drop down menu

The standard setting is real-time notifications. This can be adjusted if you go to My settings > Subscritptions & Notifications > Notification settings


how to subscribe.PNG


Can I choose how often to receive notifications?

Yes! Go to Notification Settings to choose whether to receive notifications in real-time (default), daily or weekly. 


How do I unsubscribe?  

You can choose to unsubscribe to content in Settings under Subscriptions and Bookmarks or by clicking the green circle in the top right corner and choosing Unsubscribe.


Read more about subscriptions in the Help section