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How can I easily register the same amount of hours for multiple days?

03-07-2019 15:06
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Sign in at: Connect.visma.com.

  1. Once signed in, the first page will have a menu where you can choose between; Calendar | Expense | Payslip | Community. To register work hours, click on Calendar


2. If this is your first time using the Calendar a guide will pop up and show you a few functions on how to use the Calendar. Click the green arrow when you are done. 


3. To register the same amount of hours to multiple days, mark the days you wish to register hours for, and make sure they turn green.

grønne dager.PNG

4. Look for At work and other attendance, click here and find the code Working hours.


5. In this area you can register how many working hours you have worked these days. When this is completed, click Save. 


6. After clicking save, the calendar should be updated with the correct working hours on the registered days. 

work hours.PNG

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