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How to register hours and absences?

03-07-2019 15:11 (Sist oppdatert 03-07-2019)
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Click here to read about registration through mobile. 


Follow these steps to register employees hours, overtime, vacation and absences in Visma.net Time & Absence. 

  1. Sign in at Visma.net - http://signin.visma.net
  2. Choose the banner Calendar.
  3. Select the date you wish to register on.
  4. Select preferred wage type or absence. (Picture 1)
  5. Register the hours or absence (Picture 2)

How to register flexitime, both positive and negative hours? (Link)


NB! If you are paid with a fixed salary and want to register ordinary hours, you have to use a different wage type than working hours and you have to contact your employer/payroll executive regarding any questions related to this.


Picture 1 - Choose a wage type or absence. (You will be directed to this option once you have selected a date)

Dialogue start phase.PNG

 Picture 2 - Give the necessary information, amount of hours/day(s), project etc.

You do not need to give the department as long as you use the same department that you normally use.

Bilde Nr. 2.PNG


How to send the time sheet for approval?


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