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Language restriction



I'm using VDC 12.00 on Visma Business.

We are using our setup in DK, FI, NO and SE.

Our official language is english, across all companies.


However on the login screen i can only choose "Dansk"splash screen.JPG











And inside Document Center all users can choose from 6 different languages.


Is there anyway that i can make restrictions, so everything is in English and nothing else?



Thank you.

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Sv: Language restriction

Maybe this is different when you are using Visma User Directory (VUD). You are also connected to AD. I do not have VUD to check, but you should check the settings on your user there. I standard logon you do not get to choose language. You can change it, as you say, inside the program. In the right bottom corner, it will then remember on your next logon. There are two options for language, one for the application language and one for the OCR interpretation language. 

Mvh Ørjan Myhr, Proplan AS Stavanger
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