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Access is denied in SOAP API

av Anonymous

Hello! I'm not sure if I'm posting it in the right forum but I've been trying to use the Severa SOAP API.


There is, however, an issue with the SOAP API and I cannot seem to use it properly. I have tried following this example: https://support.severa.com/fi/support/solutions/articles/77000465145-api-code-example-finvoice-print...



I have setup an API-key in My Profile section and tried authenticating with that API-key. All I seem to get is "Access is denied" whenever I try to call something using the SOAP API. 


What's worth noting is that I've tried authenticating with multiple API-keys, and one of which was created by a Severa administrator in our domain. I still get the same "Access is denied" issue.


Are there any problems with the SOAP API, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, James

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Tobias Söderlund

av Tobias Söderlund

Hi James,


We don't have any issues currently with the SOAP API.


Please send us a ticket for investigation regarding the code you are using.


Best regards, Tobias.

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