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Frida Jakobsson

Cannot update invoiceLine note on customerCreditNote

by Frida Jakobsson


After releasing a CustomerCrediNote in the UI we cant update the note on the invoiceline through the API. We have tried to this URL: 



And we used this PUT request:

'{ "lines": [ { "note": { "value": "string" } } ] }


We get the error message that the invoice is released and therefore cannot be changed:

{ "message": "The customer CreditNote with reference number 100056 cannot be updated because it has already been released." }


But when we tried to update the note on invoiceLine on the CustomerInvoice endpoint and it worked (a released invoice). 

This URL:



 and this PUT:

{"invoiceLines":[{"operation":"update","lineNumber":{"value":1},"note":{"value":"Självfaktura 200183"}}]}


In the UI we can update the note on the invoiceLine on a customerCreditNote after it is released so it should work through the API. How do we make it work on a customerCreditNote through the API or is it because of a bugg it's not working? 




by Yıldırım (Updated ‎13-01-2021 16:31 by Yıldırım VISMA )

Hello Frida, 
this is a confirmed bug (w CustomerCrediNote) and there is a case in the development backlog. We'll keep this thread posted on progress.