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Changing supplier on existing PO Order

by Eirik Morken - Proplan AS

Hi 🙂

When we are in the GUI we are able to change the supplier in the purchase order as long as we set the PO to "On hold". However there seems to have been added a manual block for changing the PO supplier in the API. We recieve the error message attached. 

I realize that there is a risk of causing a difference in the supplier on the PO and the supplier on the invoice, if the invoice is already created before the PO i changed. However, is there any special reasoning behind this? We would very much like to be able to change this, as the users could set the wrong supplier in their system the first time and would like to be able change it as it could be a long time until they recieve an invoice.


by Magnus Johnsen


We're looking in to why this was decided.

For now, to change it, we recommend that you post in the "Ideas" part of the forum as this has been implemented already and the channel for changes to the existing structure is through there.