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Endpoint CustomerPayment: balanceWriteOff no longer returns correct value

by René van Reekum



One of our customers reports that a GET on the CustomerPayment endpoint no longer returns the correct value for field 'balanceWriteOff' in the paymentLines. It now always return the value zero.


In the user interface however it shows a value (e.g. 6). It is a field called 'Balance write-off' (datafield DisplayCuryWOAmt) on the tab 'Application history'. 


They periodically do a GET to update data in their CRM system. They notice that also older payments, for which in the past the correct value was returned, now have a value 0.


Up until recently this worked fine. Has there been a recent change on this part in the API?


Thank you for your reply!


by Yıldırım

Hello René, 


we confirm that the field  "paymentLines" > "balanceWriteOff" exposed via GET-CustomerPayment endpoint is not fetching the value set in the Financials ERP UI, even though the value is correctly returned to the field "writeOffAmount





This has now been escalated to the team. We will keep you informed on further update.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we're sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused in your integrations.


Hello Yildirim,

Is it perhaps already possible to indicate when you expect this issue to be resolved? 


Kind regards, René


Hello René, 

we've contacted the team regarding ETA and currently waiting for the details. We'll provide updates as soon as we have further information.