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Stefan Hult

Expense API

by Stefan Hult

We have a customer running Expense standalone.
They want to import employees via an API, but lack the ability to do so via the standard API. Is there any other way to do this, besides using the file import?


Stefan Hult

by Stefan Hult

Thanks for you kind help Yildirim


The Parters service could not answer but referred to you. I also know that it is possible to use Visma.Net to synchronise employees and code sections. But this customer is using Expense with no connection to any ERP system. That's why I wrote that it is standalone. But then I guess there is no way besides those that Visma uses themselves to synchronise their business systems with Expense. You can close the case.


by Yıldırım

Hi Stefan, are you referring to Expense Transaction API ? If so, POST Employee is not exposed via that API but we'd recommend contacting your partner service for information in detail regarding that application. 


However, we have "Employee" endpoint in Financials ERP API where you can POST employees. Integrations Documentation.jpg