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Expose total quantity in orderline via the API

by Nichlas Søgård Nielsen


Maybe I am missing something, but it does not seem possible to get the total quantity of items on a orderline through the API. The total quantity is available through the UI, but not the API.

An example would be, if I was purchasing 2 boxes containing 16 items each, then I would like to be able to retrieve a total quantity of 32 items.

We have a costumer who has a need for this functionality in the API. Specifically, it’s about the column “Base Order Qty” in the ‘Sales Orders window (ScreenId=SO301000) and other tables where this column is available inside the web interface.

Since the costumer uses a WMS-system that only allows for singular units, the customer won't be able to use measurements, such as, Kolli and Boxes, with the current information that we can pull from the API.

Therefore, it would make good sense to expand the API with this extra information. The column has the following element properties:

Control Type: Grid Column

Data Class: SOLine

Data Field: BaseOrderQty

View Name: Transactions

Business Logic: SOOrderEntry

If this is already present in the API and I just missed it, I would be happy to hear how to access this 😊

Attached is a screenshot of where this column is located on the orderlines.


by Magnus Johnsen


Currently this field is not exposed, if you have a need for the functionality, we recommend that you create a post in the "Ideas" part of the forum and explain your business need as detailed as possible and include the information from the UI.

This allows other users to vote on your suggestion, which in turn influences the development teams assessment process.


For now, the work around is to:

Get the sales order, check the unit of measure on the item if it differs from the basic unit of measure for example: "STK"

Get the inventory and check the inventoryUnits and do the calculation on your end:

2021-12-14 15_26_26-Postman.png