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Steinar Møller

Issue posting create shipment on sales order

by Steinar Møller

Since yesterday 12.07, around 12:00 there are problems with create shipment on sales order posted. Error: message":"Error creating shipment. Sales order error: The order "IO 1000388428" does not contain any items planned for shipment on 13/07/2022 00:00:00."}  

This on random numbers of sales order that are posted, same on several clients. The issue also reported to ERP support. 




by Karl-Oskar_Gunnarsson

We are still facing this issue on some orders. Sending a patch request to set all quantities to 0 and then another request to set them back to the original quantity works but it would be great if we didn't have to do that for all orders.

Sandra Anté

by Magnus Johnsen

The feature that caused the issue has been toggled off, we are still investigating how it affected the orders.

Thank you. 


by erik-kle

One of my customers reports that on orders, created before the feature was toggled off, shipments cannot be created, the errors consists. What is the fix that we can provide?

by Magnus Johnsen


We are currently working on a permanent fix for the issue that we are hoping that we can deploy during the day.

The workaround for these orders at the moment is:

Via API:

  1. For all orders with lines that have QTY=1, send a put to set QTY=0
  2. Send another PUT with QTY=1 again.

In UI:

  1. For all orders with a line with QTY=1, set QTY=0
  2. Save
  3. Set QTY=1 again.
  4. Save

by erik-kle

This starts to become a big issue now, the amount of orders that we cannot create shipments on is growing fast. When is your fix being deployed?

by Magnus Johnsen

They are working on the patch and will deploy it as soon as possible, they are getting close to being done. 


The patch has now been released. Please let us know if you are still having issues.


In version 9.05, a new dynamic feature toggle functionality was introduced to set the standard quantity on Sales orders (SO301000) and Sales invoices (AR301000) lines to 1 instead of 0. This led to an issue for sales orders created via the API v2 endpoint, as it became not possible to create shipments for these orders. The dynamic feature was deactivated to ensure all new sales orders created via API v2 did not have this issue, but the sales orders created during the first 22 hours of the 9.05 version still had this issue. This patch will fix this issue for these sales orders.

Supported for affected sales orders:
- Create shipment from the Sales orders (SO301000) window.
- Create shipment for sales orders via the API endpoint: /v1/salesorder/{saleOrderNumber}/action/createShipment.

Not supported for affected sales orders:
- Connect sales orders to new shipments from the Shipments (SO302000) window
- Attach sales orders to shipments via API Shipment POST or PUT endpoints.
- Create shipments via the Process orders (SO501000) window.

Please note that the Sort order for sales order lines corrected via this code may in some scenarios be affected.


by erik-kle

One customer reports this error on orders from yesterday (14/7) after the feature was toggled off. Why is that? Have the Visma fix been deployed yet?


by erik-kle (Updated ‎15-07-2022 11:00 by erik-kle PARTNER )



by erik-kle

I have the exact same issue for at least two independent customers.