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Length limit of HookUri

by Eirik Morken - Proplan AS

Hello 😁


When setting up Subscriptions through POST /resources/v1/subscription there seems to be a limit to the maximum number of characters allowed in the HookUri address of about 100 characters. 

We are using Azure Logic Apps for creating some integrations and the HTTP POST URL to those Logic Apps seems to be above the current limit. It has a length of 227 characters and if we try to enter this as the HookUri it gets ignored. 

Would it be possible to increase the maximum length of this HookUri? To e.g. 256 characters?


by Eirik Morken - Proplan AS

The issue is not setting up the Hook-URI in the subscription, but rather that there is not recieved any HTTP call to the endpoint from Visma. We have tested this and it works when we switch the long Azure http with a shorter one to any source . Which means that probably there is some failure when the POST happens from the Visma API to the longer http.

Ok, thank you for the information. We'll report this to the team and post any updates in this thread. 

Hi 🙂 Has there been any updates in this case?

by Magnus Johnsen

Hi Eirik,


The HookUri's can be up to 255 characters.

We have tested it in our own company, and it works as expected, the provided URI is 255 characters long and is registered when getting the subscriptions:

2021-09-28 12_06_25-Postman.png


Are you getting any errors when registering it or are the notifications not received?

The notifications are not recieved. Adding the Hook-URI to the subscription gives no error messages.

I have tested sending a HTTP POST from to my azure endpoint and that works perfectly so it is not the recieving end that is not working.

by Magnus Johnsen


We'll look into this and get back to you shortly with more information. 

Thank you.