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Florian Haase

Location endpoint

by Florian Haase



we experience a bit problems with the location endpoint. We try to get the location details of the suppliers but this is only working for the 2 tax-suppliers which are placed in the system from the standard client-templates (supplierno 49998 and 49999). For all the suppliers we have created manually in the systems we get an empty response. its not working in any of the GET endpoints for location. Trying on customers its wokring perfectly. 








by Magnus Johnsen



We are looking into this.

As per the documentation, the location endpoint correspondes to the UI screen CustomerLocations(ScreenId=CR303010).

However, in the UI there is a bug that lists all suppliers here as well, this is unintended as it should only include suppliers that are also customers. For this there is a case in the backlog.


There has been a case in the backlog for a supplierLocations endpoint as well and we will inform the development team that this has been requested again.


As the data differs on the customerLocations and supplierLocations it was previously decided that there is a need for two endpoint. However, we will forward the information to the development team so they can assess what needs to be done. 


Thank you. 

Florian Haase

Thanks for the detailed answer. 


So far we think we can use the addressinformation directly from the Supplier Endpoint. I still don't understand why these VAT-supplier locations are accessible through the API. We have checked that they are not extended to/as customers either, But on the other side - if this is bug - its maybe a bit problematic to count on this possibility to get around the missing funcionality. Just now we don't have a full overview yet if we really need to get the location information or if its enough to get the mainaddress from the supplier.