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Moving from Business batch import to .Net

by RubenA (Updated ‎22-06-2021 13:42 by RubenA )

I have a file that is imported into Visma Business each day. It looks something like this:



@FIRM_BEGIN (0001)
@Actor (=CustNo, Nm, BsNo, Cur, MailAd, Ad1, PNo, PArea, Phone, Fax)
@R2 (RNo, Nm)
@WaBnd (ValDt, SrNo, SrcTp)
"20210622" "10" "12"
@WaVo (VoNo, VoTp, DbAcCl, DbAcNo, DbTxCd, CrAcCl, CrAcNo, CrTxCd, R1, R7, ExtRef2, Cur, Am, Txt, ValDt, VoDt, InvoNo, DueDt, CshDueDt, CshAm, CID, ExtRef3, Txt2, Cust, Sup, ExtRef1, TransSt, Free1, R2)



Its around 4k lines now.. more before the pandemic.


I need some pointers on how to move to the Visma.Net API. 


I guessing that "Actor" corresponds to "/controller/api/v1/customer", but I'm lost on what to do with R2 and WaVo.


Any pointers?


by RubenA

I need all the information I can get 🙂


As I understand it "/controller/api/v2/journaltransaction" does somewhat the same thing as @WaBnd and @WaVo.


I'm in the process of mapping all the fields between the file I have and the journaltransaction endpoint, but it seems like there are a lot more fields in the file than available in the endpoint.


I also suspect that this is not the way of doing things, so I'm a little bit lost if it's even doable or the work process needs to change.

by Magnus Johnsen

Please let us know if you need any further information. 

Florian Haase

by Florian Haase

Vi have standarized the import of VIsma Business files to VIsma.Net in our integration platform. But it depends a bit on the files (you are able to create files for Visma Business which are difficult to import to Visma.Net as is).  We have no customers who tries to import so many lines, but at least you can contact me by mail: