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On api/v1/customer?expandDirectDebit=true IBAN is missing

by ReinderReinders

On api/v1/customer?expandDirectDebit=true IBAN is missing:


I'm assuming this is a simple oversight in the code, since on api/v1/customer/{customerCd}/directdebit, this field is present:



I would prefer to have this field also on the 'get all' API call, since this one has a 'modified since' parameter that I can use in my synchronizing integration. Also, using the directdebit call I would have to make several API calls to retrieve the same data instead of 1 call for the whole set. This reduces load on the API.


Note: directdebit is only for the Netherlands (which my integration is for).


by Magnus Johnsen


We have brought this up with the development team and will get back to you when we have more information. 

Note: I found another issue relating to this endpoint. Might be efficient for the developers to look at them together: