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POST v2/salesOrder with Visma Connect Authentication

by Trygve Storrønningen1

We are using the new authentication, and it is working well with same token for:

POST  v3/salesOrders

GET v3/Inventory?inventoryId=p-003&expand=all

GET v3/SalesOrders/WO/000067

GET v1/salesorder/WO/000067

GET v1/inventory


But with

POST v2/salesorder

and still same token we get:  "message""Scope requirement not met"


The JSON posted is testet ok with the old VNI authentication.


I thought scope was for the token, and not dependent on endpoint?

Something missing in our setup, or in v2/salesorder endpoint?



Accepted solution
Trygve Storrønningen1

by Trygve Storrønningen1

Sorry, my bad.
For v3; I had scope when generating token

I missed  scope vismanet_erp_service_api:create needed for creating orders in v2.