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Problem Deferral startdate and enddate in prebooked purchase invoice

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

In a prebooked purchase invoice (ScreenId=AP301000) we are not able to update the invoicelines with a deferralcode and startdate and enddate. We can change it in, but we get the error: DRTermStartDate field on invoice 22702758 cannot be updated because it is Pre-booked.


Request URL:



{"invoiceLines": [
            "operation": "Update",
            "lineNumber": {
             "value": 1
              "deferralCode": {
              "value": "FLEXINK"
              "termStartDate": {
               "value": "2022-04-01T15:06:10.822Z"
              "termEndDate": {
               "value": "2022-04-30T15:06:10.822Z"



{ "message": "DRTermStartDate field on invoice 22702758 cannot be updated because it is Pre-booked." }


Can somebody please let us know how we can solve this problem?



by Magnus Johnsen


The case is currently in the backlog, we'll inform the team of the importance.

We'll get back to you as soon as we have more information.

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

Can you please let me know when you expect the solution for this issue?

We have to use this functionality in a project, which is going live 1-7-2022.


Unfortunately we have a bit of pressure on this case. Thank you for you feedback.

Currently we don't have an ETA. We'll ask the team for a update.

by Magnus Johnsen


We can confirm that the termStartDate and termEndDate seem to be incorrectly blocked from this operation when the invoice has the status pre-booked. You can set the deferralCode, but not the dates. 

We'll lift this with the development team.

Thank you. 

Can you update me about the ETA? We have a project with go live date 1.July, where we have to deliver this fuctionality.

When we can not have the problem solved at the end of next week, we have to make a work-around (correction instead of pre-book the invoice). This gives us a lot of extra work (unpaid).


We have a high dependency on this solution. Please upate me about a realistic timepath. Thank you very much.

The issue has not been solved and is currently planned to be included in version 9.05.

Thank you for the update!