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SalesPrice endpoint seeming unreliable

by iamtimlarsen

For a client, we've made a script for doing a night sync where we fetch Visma SalesPrices and send them to the client's webshop platform.


We do this every night by getting 1000 prices at a time;

with a delay of 250 ms between each lookup. We have no timeout limit on our script, so we wait indefinitely for response.
We're seeing that most nights, this works fine, but occasionally (maybe 3-4 times so far this year) we either simply don't get a respones, or we get an error response, despite it being the same GETs we run every single night.
Is there a history of downtime on this endpoint this year? Or are we doing something we shouldn't be doing? By my math 250 ms delay on requests should keep us safely below the rate limit?
I should note we're already running a smaller version of this through the day, where we only check recently updated prices, which is ofc. the most correct thing to do - this is mainly to have a failsafe each night.