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Mirva Turtiainen

Unifaun integration is not working

by Mirva Turtiainen

Hi, Unifaun Online API are functional, but still does not trasfer any data to Unifaun. No visible errors in and the problem occurred today.


by Heikki Laakkonen

Hi Mirva, in which company this error exists?

I tested Unifaun-integration in my demo and didn't notice any problems.

Mirva Turtiainen



do you mean client company?

Accepted solution
Heikki Laakkonen

by Heikki Laakkonen (Updated ‎29-07-2020 12:54 by Heikki Laakkonen VISMA )

Yes, I found the company. This is incorrect forum. You should contact our Finnish support. I'm looking into this case now.


I'm contacting Rauhala who has the first line support.

Mirva Turtiainen

by Mirva Turtiainen (Updated ‎29-07-2020 13:00 by Mirva Turtiainen )



excellent thank you, I wrote here because the Finnish support asked me to...

by Magnus Johnsen



To be able to help you with deterermining what is causing your issue, please have a look at this article a get back to us with more information:

API incidents - Troubleshooting and reporting


To help you with your issue, we need the following:

  1. Used API Endpoint URL / Method
  2. Returned Http Status Code
  3. Returned Response Body (Error Message)
  4. If this is a POST/PUT request then Used RAW JSON script has to be attached