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Use Custom Notifications with API (ScreenID: SM205041)

by Roland van Belle - Consolit

Can we post Custom Notifications using the API?

ScreenID: SM205041


We want to give an user a notification in from our custom application.


by Magnus Johnsen


As far as I can remember this screen is not exposed, what is the workflow of what you would like to implement?

There might be a way to accomplish what you need anyways. 

Thank you. 

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for your reply.


We want to make an own application for receiving goods (containers).

In this application we want to save some purchase orderlines.


For the handling of a container, the user have to collect some documents.


We want to set notifications, which send the user a notification in if some documents not receipt for example 7 days after now. We want to use the notifications as a remindersystem in, for our own application.