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paySelected cannot be modified when SupplierInvoice has status Open

by RMaarssen (Updated ‎15-04-2021 16:51 by Yıldırım VISMA )

Hi all,


We POST a supplierinvoice (See POSTSupplierInvoice.json).


The invoice has the status "In Balance" in which we can perform a PUT to modify the paySelected property of the SupplierInvoice (See PUTSupplierInvoice.json).


When we "Release" the invoice via de release endpoint, the SupplierInvoice has the status 'Open'. 


When we want to perform a PUT to modify the paySelected property, we get the following error:


"message": "Error updating supplier invoice. Invoice 200054 cannot be updated because it is already Released."


I also tried to perform a PUT with only the PaySelected, but the same error occurs.


Now comes the interesting part: When I open the SupplierInvoice in Financials, I can adjust the PaySelected combobox and save the SupplierInvoice! So there is a difference between the User Interface and the API.


Best regards!





Accepted solution

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎14-04-2021 14:32 by Yıldırım VISMA )


Currently, this is also valid on the following fields for the API transactions with released "Supplier/Purchase Invoice" documents.
2021-04-14 14_06_42-Window.png

Purchase (Supplier) Invoice header 
-Payment Ref No
-Due Date
-Cash Discount Date

Financial Details [Payment Information]
-Charge Bearer
-Payment reporting code
-Payment Message
-Pay date
-Payment Location
-Payment Method
-Cash Account
-Approved for payment (paySelected)

2021-04-14 13_49_30-Window.png


As aforementioned, values can be set by sending FT=1 parameter in the request URL as a workaround at the moment.



    "paySelected": {
        "value": true

by Magnus Johnsen (Updated ‎14-04-2021 10:26 by Magnus Johnsen VISMA )


We can confirm this is happening, as a workaround you can use the parameter FT=1 when updating the released supplierInvoice.

This will allow the operation to be performed.

We currently have a case in the backlog regarding updating fields for released supplierInvoices via the API, that are not allowed, as opposed to the UI where they can be altered.


Thank you.