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API for payroll

by Anonymous



Is there any API endpoints available to do the following things:

- Create new employee(s)

- Create new payslip(s)


If there are no API endpoints, are there any files that could be generated for import in these cases?


by krzysztofbrozek (Updated ‎29-01-2020 15:57 by krzysztofbrozek VISMA )



unfortunately, there are no endpoints for creating new employee(s) or payslip(s) in Payroll because this is not a native eAccounting application, but an additional module.


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by Anonymous (Updated ‎29-01-2020 16:10 ( )



Thank you for your answer.

So what you are saying is that there is no other way for customers using eAccounting to do payroll, besides manually punching every employees pay every month?

No possibility for importing a CSV-file with the different pay elements or anything like that?


If the answer is no, do you have any plans to implement such a possibility?


We have some customers using our WFM tool, and they would like to get the pay items automatically input into the payroll system, instead of manually punching these every month. I think this would be a great improvement to the product if you could implement it.

by krzysztofbrozek



for now, there are no plans to add endpoints for that module.

If you have some ideas to expand this module, You could post a request in the Ideas tab, here on the community.