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Decide through API if Invoice should go as Paperinvoice for Print or Email

by RSkoog (Updated ‎19-04-2021 08:10 by RSkoog )


I'm integrating to eAccounting through the API.
I would like to decide from my external application if the Customer is to recieve the Invoice as Email or if it is to be printed out end sent.
Can I do this in the Customer settings or is it per Invoice and how do I do this through the API?


by RSkoog

Hi and thank you for your answer.

I think I maybe explained it wrong.
I would like to set on the customer, or if needed on each invoicedraft, that this customer, or this draft, always should be sent as Email or always as Printed out snail-mail.

Is there a possibillity to do that?
I have made integrations for Fortnox before and there you can set default way to send invoice on each customer-card. ie This Customer always want their invoices printed and sent by post, this customer always wants it sent by email and this customer always want it sent by e-Invoice etc.

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by Anonymous

This is something that You need to code within your integration, based on available endpoints. There is no possibility to do that via User Interface, so it is not possible via API as well.

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by Anonymous (Updated ‎20-04-2021 10:16 ( )


Did You try to use those endpoints below?

GET /v2/customerinvoices/{invoiceId}/pdf

POST /v2/customerinvoices/{invoiceId}/email


It looks that they are exactly what You are looking for 🙂