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Transfer payment of invoice to a transitory account

by AGeleijns

I have created a Simple customer invoice with a voucher using the function “customerledgeritemswithvoucher”.
Now I want to transfer the customer open payment to a transitory account (like 1180 kruisposten).
But I can’t find which function I can use to do this. Using Voucher I can’t define the simple invoice.
Trying the Customerinvoices/{id}/payments I have to give a bankaccount. But that I don’t have I want to use a transitory account (like 1180 kruisposten).


Which function can I use the create this booking?


by Anour Hannouch


Sorry for the delayed answer (sickness + vacation).


Unfortunately, this is how these two options work.

One way could be that you create a text field on a voucher and define the invoice.