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Visma eAccounting to ERP API

by makeplans

We have built an integration with Visma eAccounting. It basically just creates a customer and an invoice so it only touches a small part of the API. After some new customer requests we are looking into expanding to ERP. Before we dig into the documentation, are there anyone who have experiencing using both APIs. Can we replicate the requests from the eAccounting API or is there a big difference between the two APIs?


by Anour Hannouch


as per today, I am the one who has worked with both eA and API.

The API:s mentioned are different, and if you would like to create a request to the "customers" endpoint, you will not be able to re-use the JSON.


*By replicate I understood it as re-using the POST JSON file for both API:s


Hope this answered your question, if not please let us know!