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Add possibility to POST and PUT sweidsh ROT/RUT data to Customer order

by Anonymous
Status: Delivered

In Screen SO301000 you have the possibility to add and edit data regarding ROT and RUT (see screenshot below). These fields I would like to be able to manipulate through the order endpoint. In my case the client will recive the data through the clients webshop, and I want to be able to transfer it to visma with the rest of the orderdata.

(Figure 1)

First we need to be able to activate the ROT/RUT function on the order and then modify data under the action tab.  

(Figure 2) Secondly we need to be able to manipulate the option to automaticly split the cost and insert text to the fields. 

(Figure 3) 

Last we need to be able add "personnummer", ammount and age for one or more persons. 






by Magnus Johnsen
Status changed to: Status: In backlog

This has been opened with the development team.

Progress in the case will be posted in this thread.

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by Anonymous

I agree that these features are needed in API to make it possible to handle ROT/RUT when using orderflow.


Would also be good it it was possible to mark the orderrow to use rot or rut:Rotrut.png

by Magnus Johnsen
Status changed to: Status: Delivered

This is planned to be included in version 8.32 being released tomorrow 12/1-2021. 

We will let you know if this date changes. 

by Yıldırım