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Default subaccounts on POST

by Anonymous
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We have a feature request to ease development of order document (SO, PO, invoices) creation.

When creating a document, we can either skip sending the subaccounts, which then will be populated with the defaults according to the ERP settings. If we want to only populate 1 of several segments with specific values, we need to do the following:

  1. POST document without subaccount
  2. GET document to see what subaccounts where used
  3. PUT document with entire subaccount again, replacing only the segment we need to specify

The suggestion is to let all not included segments get populated by the defaults already on POST, and to enable selecting default source:

Let's say the subaccount format is 00-00-00-00. We want to combine specified segments with unspecified segments where we can specify the source. Something like this:

	"subaccount": [
			"segmentId": 1,
			"segmentValue": "10"
			"segmentId": 2,
			"segmentSource": "product"
			"segmentId": 3,
			"segmentSource": "customer"
			"segmentId": 4,
			"segmentSource": "default"

 We have specified one segment, two we want to specify where it should be collected from, and one segment we have specified that we want to follow the order settings completely (on the order type you can specify where each segment should be collected from).

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by Magnus Johnsen


We'll move this post to the Ideas section of the forum.

Thank you for your suggestion.