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Expose Organisations "Payment Settings" Tab via Branch Endpoint

by Yıldırım
Status: Delivered
  • We connect our system to Visma and perform recognition on the invoices added to our system.We use the IBAN of the vendor to recognize which vendor it is.
    However, often the IBAN number of the receiving company is mentioned on the invoice.
    We would like to synchronize the IBAN number of the company itself to Blue10, so we can exclude that IBAN number from recognition.
    So we're not looking for the IBAN on customers and suppliers, but the company IBAN.

  • I'm looking for the possibility to get out the Bankaccount-Number of the Branch (CS101500) - Bank Settings / BBAN since we produce outgoing electroinc invoices by our portal.


    In the new Peppol-BIS 3.0 description is documentated to use the Payment Methods instead and place the bankaccount there (Screen CA204000) - Field PaymentMethod / BBAN. It seems that autoinvoice is able to read this field in any way, but I can't find it in the API either. 


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by Yıldırım
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