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Expose Supplier Invoice Document "Status" as a filtering parameter via "SupplierInvoice" Endpoint

by Magnus Johnsen
Status: In backlog

It would be beneficial to expose the "status" field for SupplierInvoice in the same way it is exposed for CustomerInvoice. 

by Magnus Johnsen
Status changed to: Status: In backlog
by robertwes

Why is this feature not added?
When can we expect this added in API?
This is a common use-case for us and missing this feature results in very large datasets and common timeouts

by Magnus Johnsen

Hi Robert,

Currently this feature has not been included in a plan and we are therefore unable to provide you with an ETA.

We have requested an update for the improvement.

If you have any concerns regarding it not yet being planned, we recommend that you get in contact with your partner service highlighting the importance this implementation has for you and your customers.

Thank you. 

by Yıldırım


this improvement has been planned to be implemented in Financials API updates for version 8.85.0

Please follow the "News" section for the final release notes of the version 8.85.