Get Sales Margin value from CustomerInvoice endpoint

by MarkusKivisto (Updated ‎02-02-2021 13:29 by Yıldırım VISMA )
Status: Please provide more information

Get Sales Margin value from CustomerInvoice endpoint.


Heard some rumor it might be column ”margin” in table ”Artran”?

by Yıldırım
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Please include a print screen from Financials ERP UI that is highlighting the desired Module > field. Thanks.

by MarkusKivisto

I'm sorry but I do not have access Financials ERP UI. Seems that I inform customer that this is too complicate request from him.

by Heikki Laakkonen

Hi Markus, have margins only in sales order. You still have access into your sandbox environment with our old email. You can change username (email) in user settings. You will find your user setting from top right corner.


by MarkusKivisto



Sorry, but I cannot find any "margin" field SalesOrder endpoint either.

Visma support asked me to do new community account with Leanware email. Now I cannot change my old account email because email already exists..


by Magnus Johnsen


Please have a look in the UI, as Heikki mentioned, you still have access to login to the ERP UI with the old email, not for the forum.

If you can't find the fields in the UI you are looking for, if you could ask your client to provide this, it helps us find the information for you.

If it is not exposed, posting the information here helps the development team and makes it clearer for everyone what you would need exposed via the API.


by Heikki Laakkonen
I have contacted Markus and we will look at this request.

Necessary fields are ARTran.margin, ARTran.cost, ARTran.TranCost and ARtran.UnitCost.


Relevant thing here is to GET margin and cost information to external reporting systems. OneStopReporting for example is useless for invoice reporting without these and invoice reporting is the key for most reporting.


These fields are not visible in the UI. There is an other Idea to get them visible in the UI too. Anyway these fields are in the database and they can be used with generic inquiries and report designer for example.