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inventory returning blanks in json after one warehouse

by Trygve Storrønningen1
Status: Delivered

"Visma, we have a problem"


The customer has five warehouses, in this story we will focus on warehouse 1 and warehouse 3

Product PN05031-400-1 is in both warehouse 1 and 3


In UI, it all looks good, warehouse 1 is 1 and warehouse 3 is 3


But when we GET

it looks like this:

"warehouseDetails": [
      "isDefault": true,
      "warehouse": "1",
      "quantityOnHand": 84,
      "available": 84,
      "availableForShipment": 83,
      "lastModifiedDateTime": "2020-09-24T13:50:57.027"
      "isDefault": false,
      "warehouse": "3         ",
      "quantityOnHand": 50,
      "available": 50,
      "availableForShipment": 50,
      "lastModifiedDateTime": "2020-09-23T08:43:30.273"

As you can see, warehouse 3 is now warehouse

"warehouse": "3         ",

Do you have any ideas why this happens?

My idea is, the API should return the warehouse as it is represented in the UI 😉


PS! This customer sells fast sunglasses, so we hope for a fast solution 😉

by Trygve Storrønningen1

Checking GET

gives  trailing blanks on all warehouses.

So actually only warehouse 1 NOT getting them from GET inventory is the exception 

by Magnus Johnsen
Status changed to: Status: In backlog


This has been reported to the development team and progress in the case will be posted here. 

by Magnus Johnsen
Status changed to: Status: Delivered

This is planned to be included in version 8.41 planned to be released on 16/03/2021: Financials API updates for version 8.41.0 (March 2021)