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nextGen API POST , inactive product

by Timo_O (Updated ‎27-10-2022 13:28 by Yıldırım VISMA )
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if you POST an order/orderline with an 'inacticve' product, the response does not tell the right position (line index) of the problematic line. This happened with real customer data, but in our own tests too. Maybe you could check and improve the messaging?


While if you send an orderline with nonexisting product code(s) the response tells you the exact line position(s). Which is really good feature.


We had an case where inactive product was sent in lineindex 40, and the response told that it is in lineindex 48. Here is the response, for clarification:


"details": [
"code": "0100-OutsideValidRange",
"message": "Invalid or empty InventoryId",
"parameters": {
"property": "orderLines[48].inventoryId"
"errors": {
"DomainValidation": [
"Invalid or empty InventoryId"
"title": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
"status": 400,
"detail": "Refer to the errors property for additional details",
"instance": "/api/v3/SalesOrders"




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by Yıldırım

Hello Timo, 


this post will be moved to the "Ideas" section, and we'll notify the related Partner Service to follow up this improvement request with the team.