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add boolean like 'amounts include VAT' to SupplierInvoiceRowApi and SupplierInvoiceApi

by geelblokje
Status: Declined
We're creating supplier invoices using the query parameter 'calculateVatOnCostAccounts' to automatically calculate VAT for each row/account on the invoice. This works perfectly, but requires that the amount (debet or credit) for a given row/account is always entered including VAT. The TotalAmount of the invoice has to include VAT as well.
Our application internally processes all pricing and amounts excluding VAT, so before calling the API we now have to convert the values to include VAT which is a bit tedious and potentially prone to errors. In the web-interface there is a neat checkbox to tell the system whether the amounts include VAT or not and the VAT calculation is adjusted accordingly. Is it possible to add a boolean like this to the API parameters as well?
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by henricstrom
Status changed to: Status: Declined



Thank you for your idea and sorry for the late reply. At the moment (more than 6 months after this request was initially created) we haven't gotten any more requests than this one and will therefor decline it at the moment. If more requests appear about this I will reopen this idea.