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Allow payments with different customer ledger account than invoice to be elimated.

av RBeck (Oppdatert ‎23-09-2021 13:51 av Petter L Johansen VISMA )
Status: Ikke prioritert

Case: You decide to close a customer ledger account as it is no longer necessary but still have a balance. This balance gets manually moved in a journal to the new customer ledger account.


Invoice balance gets moved manually (journal reposting) from obsolete customer ledger account to new customer ledger account. The obsolete customer ledger accounts gets deactivated.


Payments for these invoices cannot be eliminated with invoices originally posted to obsolete customer ledger account despite the new active customer ledger being input on the payment.


Issue: Elimination between payments and invoices can only happen if the same customer ledger account is chosen on both records.


Desired solution: Remove the above mentioned restriction. It is unnecessary as the ledger accounts for debtors and creditors are reconciled monthly. 

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Markus Wang
av Markus Wang (Oppdatert ‎03-11-2021 15:10 av Markus Wang VISMA )
Status changed to: Status: Ikke prioritert

Hi and thank you for your feedback,

Your idea has to few likes to be prioritized. 

Best regards,
Markus Wang

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