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Managing your team in Visma Developer Portal

01-12-2022 10:54 (Updated 01-12-2022)
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If you are an organization working with developing integrations towards Visma APIs you might have the need to have multiple people in your organization accessing the Visma Developer Portal to perform different tasks.

Visma Developer Portal accommodates this by allowing you to set up and organize teams that can access Visma Developer Portal for your company.


The My Team tab

As a Team Manager for the team in Visma Developer Portal you can administer your team from the My Team-tab. 


The tab includes three sections:

  1. My organization: Here you can see and edit the information that is registered for your organization. You can also upload an icon for the organization, this will be used on Visma App Store. 
  2. Certifications: In this section you will see the certification-status for your organization.
  3. Team members: Here you can administer the members and roles of your team.




Adding a new team member

To add a new team member to your organization press the New member button.

A new line will appear in the table and you can provide the first name, last name and email of the member. Save the new member by pressing the save button on the line.





Removing a team member

To remove a team member press the garbage-can icon in the table. Confirm by pressing OK in the dialog.