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Why am I receiving "HTTP 429 - Too many request / throttling" response from API ?

03-02-2021 14:54 (Updated 16-11-2021)
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The following table shows the current throttling configuration that we have in place.

Name Policy Applies to Description Interval Limit
Test Client Limit IntervalLimit Test API Clients Hourly number of requests per company reached 1 Hour 500 requests
The SameRequest Limit SameRequestLimit All API clients The same request made too many times 1 Minute 5 requests
Client Error Limit ClientErrorLimit
All API clients The Same request failed already 5 Minutes 2 requests
Live-Production API Client Limit TenantIntervalLimit Live-Production API Clients Hourly number of requests per company reached 1 Hour 15000 requests
Swagger Client Request Limit TenantIntervalLimit Swagger-ui client Hourly number of requests per company reached 1 Hour 500 requests

As of today,
500 transactions/calls allowed per companyper hour during the testing phase for Test Type API Clients.

After completing the testing phase, you should contact your partner service (How to contact), informing them with your Redirect_URI to obtain Live - Production type API Client .



Example API Response for  Swagger the Same Request Limit 
HTTP Status: 429
Exception Message: "Same request made too many times"
Response Headers:

x-ratelimit-limit: 5
x-ratelimit-policy: IntervalLimit
x-ratelimit-reset: 1551868340 (Epoch-Unix Format which is representing the start of next sliding window)

Can be useful for converting x-ratelimit-reset value : (

If you need further information about throttling policies and API Client configurations, please feel free to contact