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(updated by Anour Hannouch VISMA ‎03-07-2019 10:31 )
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The endpoint "v2/customerinvoicedrafts/{customerInvoiceDraftId}/convert" unfortunately does not support sending invoices as an Autoinvoice.


A workaround to this is to do the following:

Make sure the invoice is still a draft.

Create "customerinvoicedraft" > add an attachment using "salesdocumentattachment" endpoint > convert the draft to an invoice using the "customerinvoice" endpoint with the properties "CreatedFromDraftId" and "sendtype".


Please see below example on what it can look like:


"CustomerId": "2bab59cd-0e03-407e-bb59-9a1d1ca9bb02",
"IsCreditInvoice": false,
"RotReducedInvoicingType": 0,
"RotReducedInvoicingPropertyName": null,
"RotReducedInvoicingAmount": 0,
"RotReducedInvoicingAutomaticDistribution": false,

"Rows": [
    "LineNumber": 0,
    "ArticleId": "991d82e9-fdf6-4f4c-884b-517c2fa67adf",
    "Text": "Lemon | 29,75 kr/kg",
    "UnitPrice": 3.57,
    "DiscountPercentage": 0,
    "Quantity": 1
    "LineNumber": 1,
    "ArticleId": "991d82e9-fdf6-4f4c-884b-517c2fa67adf",
    "Text": "Delivery org",
    "UnitPrice": 22,
    "DiscountPercentage": 0,
    "Quantity": 1
"YourReference": null,
"OurReference": "",
"EuThirdParty": false,
"InvoiceDate": "2019-03-07",
"DeliveryDate": "2019-03-07",
"TermsOfPaymentId": "0f7c3ab0-0c02-46fe-b291-d8cd5ab445f7",
"CreatedFromDraftId": "aa2902a2-118f-4505-b22e-ef38fc570dbe",
"SendType": 2