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[Release Notes] - Visma.Net API 8.33.0 - 19.01.2021

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎29-01-2021 16:40 by Yıldırım VISMA )

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Add filters for the endpoints CustomerInvoice, CustomerCreditNote and CustomerDebitNote 

Added "paymentReference", "externalReference" and "customerRefNumber" as filters for the following endpoints:
CustomerInvoice, CustomerCreditNote, CustomerDebitNote, CustomerCreditWriteOff, CustomerOverdueCharges, CashSale, Customer/{customerNumber}/invoice, Customer/{customerNumber}/cashsale.

New field Customer project no. has been added in the API operations for the Customer invoice endpoint

New field Customer project no. has been added in the API GET & POST & PUT operations for the Customer invoice endpoint.

Posting the SalesOrder type RC returns an error

After the 8.32 releases, an error was returned when posting the SalesOrder type RC.
This has now been fixed.

The API value dontPrint does not work on CustomerInvoice endpoint

Earlier, the API value dontPrint was not supported on the CustomerInvoice endpoint.
This has now been fixed.

Duplicate payment lines in SupplierPayment endpoint when payment has been voided

In some situations, duplicate payment lines were created in the SupplierPayment endpoint when you voided the created payments.
This has now been fixed.

fix toggleBalanceSigns parameter functionality

In previous versions, an error that caused balances with wrong sign for the Beginning balances in the GeneralLedgerBalanceV2 has been fixed.


Due dates for breaking changes

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Remove old 'GeneralLedgerBalance' endpoint

 The 'GeneralLedgerBalance' endpoint is deprecated and will be removed in February 2021.
A new endpoint was created to replace it. You find the documentation for it in Swagger under the 'GeneralLedgerBalanceV2' endpoint.
Feb 9, 2021