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Scheduled minor maintenance for ERP / API (Nov 12, 22:30 CET - Nov 13, 00:30 CET)

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎05-02-2021 14:27 by Yıldırım VISMA )

A minor update (8.26.01) has been planned to be released for ERP / API.

Expected downtime for Visma.Net ERP & API (Nov 12, 22:30 CET - Nov 13, 00:30 CET / 2020)
Status can be followed at:

The following cases occurred in the 8.26 release are going to be fixed with this update. ERP API:

Summary Documentation
V2/JournalTransactions: MetaData shows incorrect values since 8.26 update  In version 8.26.1 an error that returned wrong metadata (totalcount) in the API endpoint JournalTransactionV2 was fixed
PurchaseReceipt shows different values for openQty in UI and via API Before when you did a GET request for purchase receipt and you had many receipt to one purchase then API call showed wrong amounts for orderqty, openqty, receiptqty. Now this bug is fixed. ERP: 

Not possible to change the order of the lines on a SO. Earlier, it was not possible to rearrange the sales order lines. This resulted in missing lines on the order confirmation report.
This has now been fixed, and historical data affected by this issue have also been resolved.
Series id do not fill inn automatically in SO tab Discount details/Feilmelding ved valg av rabatt (mangler sekvens). In version 8.26 of ERP, a bug was introduced where the Series ID of the Discount was not updated automatically when the Discount ID was added manually into a Sales order.
This is has now been fixed.


For further information about ERP Patch details please contact Financials ERP / Community from your market.