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Help ERP APIs are now available for Visma Connect authentication in Developer Portal

by Thomas Skjørten

Since the ERP API was released authentication has been handled by an implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol called VNI. This has served us well, but it has some limitations that makes it somewhat cumbersome to work with both for you as developers and internally in Visma.


Since the release of the ERP API, the importance of APIs and number of integrations has grown rapidly and the amount of traffic we have received on the API has doubled year over year. More importantly, the requirements to securing the APIs are constantly increasing, and protecting our customers' data is always a top priority for us.


In the last few years we have developed our Visma Connect product into a state of the art implementation of the OAuth 2.0 protocol, including surrounding tools like the Visma Developer Portal and Visma App Store.


Using Visma Connect as the authentication provider for the ERP API is therefore an important step to keep your integrations and our customers' data secure.  


Se this knowledgebase article for a complete guide on how to migrate your existing ERP integrations:
 Guide - Move from VNI to Visma Connect Authentication for ERP API