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to get a personalized navigation. Financials API updates for version 8.26 (November 2020)

by Yildirim (Updated ‎10-11-2020 10:25 by Yildirim VISMA )

This thread will be updated regularly up until the point of version-release.
If you have any questions & comments, please go to the case specific thread or post a new one to inform us about your inquiry in detail. You can also contact us via

Release date for 8.26 version has been planned as 09/11/2020
Status can be followed at:
Bear in mind: Webhook notifications for Visma Cloud Services Status

Release plan & date may vary. We will keep you informed of any changes.

The following cases have been planned to be implemented in the upcoming 8.26 Release.

Increased max page size

The default /max page size has been temporarily changed from 500 to 1000 for all endpoints where we have pagination and had max page size = 500.

New operations for locations on Warehouse endpoint

Two new operations have been implemented on the Warehouse endpoint:
- POST operation of inventory locations which can be used by integrators for creating inventory locations on warehouses.
- PUT operation of inventory locations which can be used by integrators for updating inventory locations on warehouses

Change shipping term on purchase orders

The field 'Shipping terms' has been added to the Shipping instructions tab of the Purchase orders window.
This allows you to change the shipping term for each purchase order, if needed. The shipping term defined on the specific supplier is applied by default.

Additionally, the Shipping terms field has been added to the Report designer and to the Purchase order endpoint. See the swagger documentation for additional information related to API.

Beta tags removed for v2 endpoints and corresponding v1 endpoints marked as deprecated

The following methods are marked as deprecated, and will be removed from May 2021:
POST customerCreditNote, customerDebitNote and customerInvoice.
The v2 of the same methods, optimized for performance, should now be used instead, and the beta tag for these have now been removed.

API calls towards newly provisioned companies not updating user context

Earlier, if you provisioned a new company and did API calls towards the newly provisioned company, you could end up on a node where the user context was not updated. This would typically give you a 500 internal server error and if you retried, it worked. The cache handling of user context has been improved so you should not end up in this scenario any more.

Read and create/update descriptions of multi-language supported fields via the API to support webshop and import of items

From this version on, there is translation support via API for the Description field in the Stock items and Non-stock items windows with POST, PUT, GET specific translation, GET all translations for a stock item, and DELETE.
The system now also supports retrieving a list of all supported languages via API, with information if a language is active and the default.

Wrong error message on PurchaseReceipt endpoint when supplier is missing

When the supplier was missing from the PurchaseReceipt endpoint, you got an error message saying that a customer number must be specified. Now the error message has been changed to "Error creating purchase receipt. New order must have a supplier number specified."

The reopenSalesOrder action is not working as expected via API

Earlier, the reopenSalesOrder action did not work as expected via API.
This has now been corrected, so that it works the same way as in the UI.

Purchase Receipt not inheriting currency from the supplier via POST API

The Purchase Receipt POST operation did not inherit the currency from the supplier if the currency override setting was disabled.
This has now been fixed.

Invoices from Project management get the wrong cash account

Earlier when branch information was used in an invoice, the payment method and the cash account used for the invoice were not set correctly according to how the payment method and the cash account were linked to the branch.
This has now been fixed.

Posting CustomerInvoice with CashAccount not belonging to the main branch causes issues

Posting CustomerInvoice with CashAccount not belonging to the main branch caused issues after the 8.25 release.
This has now been fixed.

Sales order total gets the wrong total amount when using percentage discount

Earlier, the Sales order total got the wrong total amount when using percentage discount via API.
This has now been fixed.

Configuring of manual purchase invoice numbering series with API 


The configuration of manual numbering for the Purchase invoice numbering series did not sync with API due to a cache issue. In fact, this issue affected all numbering sequences. This has been fixed in the 8.26 release.

Null bearer-token authentication requests resulting in unauthorized API requests

In previous versions, during consolidation process the API calls made to fetch data from child companies sent bearer-token authentication requests to the consolidation endpoints. These tokens were sometimes null and resulted in unauthorized API requests. The bearer-tokens being added to the API request-headers as authentication are optional at the consolidation endpoints, and they have been removed from the 8.26 version.