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Help Financials API updates for version 8.81.0 (January 2022)

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎24-01-2022 15:46 by Yıldırım VISMA )

Release date for 8.81.0 version has been planned as 25/01/2022.
Release plan & date may vary. We will keep you informed of any changes. This thread will be updated regularly up until the point of version-release


Release Notes Documentation

Branch endpoint uses UTC for lastModifiedDateTime

To get a range of branches, it's possible to use the lastModifiedDateTime parameter. This is provided in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS and is now based on UTC time.

Unable to set City and County in Main and Invoice address via POST Customer API

Earlier, you could not set the correct City and County in the Main and Invoice address via the POST Customer endpoint. This has now been fixed.

Cost price and description of purchase receipts linked to purchase order

Earlier, when you created a purchase receipt and linked it to a purchase order with API, the cost price and description were retrieved from the item and not from the purchase order rows as they should. This has now been fixed and the cost price and description are retrieved from the purchase order rows for each item.

Due dates for breaking changes:

Release Notes Documentation Due

Breaking change on JournalTransaction endpoint

 The POST methods /api/v2/journaltransaction/{journalTransactionNumber}/attachment and /api/v2/journaltransaction/{journalTransactionNumber}/{lineNumber}/attachment are deprecated and will be removed on February 28th 2022. Start using the new methods:
 - POST /api/v2/journaltransaction/module/{module}/{journalTransactionNumber}/attachment
 - POST /api/v2/journaltransaction/module/{module}/{journalTransactionNumber}/{lineNumber}/attachment
Feb 28, 2022