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Help Financials API updates for version 8.82.0 (February 2022)

by Yıldırım (Updated ‎01-02-2022 16:59 by Yıldırım VISMA )

Release date for 8.82.0 version has been planned as 01/02/2022.
Release plan & date may vary. We will keep you informed of any changes. This thread will be updated regularly up until the point of version-release


Release Notes Documentation

Improved performance for GET inventory

The performance of the GET inventory endpoint has been improved, leading to quicker response time.

New compression option for the API

Earlier, only deflate and gzip compression was supported when fetching data from the API.
Now Brotli compression has also been added.
It can be used by adding the following Request Header:
Accept-Encoding: br
Brotli algorithm is better than gzip and deflate and will improve API performance when used.

Performance improvements on GET Project endpoint

The performance on the GET Project endpoint has now been improved.

Due dates for breaking changes

Release Notes Documentation Due

Breaking change on Project endpoint for GET operation

We will enforce paging on Project endpoint.
The ISV must start implementing paging on this endpoint as soon as possible. The default page size is planned to be set to 500.
If you do not specify a page size, you will get 500 records, and if you try to specify a higher number, you will only get 500 records.
Example: If you do a GET ALL on Project, without specifying any paging, you will get the first 500 records only.
Apr 01, 2022

Breaking change on JournalTransaction endpoint

 The POST methods /api/v2/journaltransaction/{journalTransactionNumber}/attachment and /api/v2/journaltransaction/{journalTransactionNumber}/{lineNumber}/attachment are deprecated and will be removed on February 28th 2022. Start using the new methods:
 - POST /api/v2/journaltransaction/module/{module}/{journalTransactionNumber}/attachment
 - POST /api/v2/journaltransaction/module/{module}/{journalTransactionNumber}/{lineNumber}/attachment
Feb 28, 2022