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API Update 2022-03

10-03-2022 16:57 (Bijgewerkt op 11-03-2022)
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In this update you can find the improvements and solved issues in the domain api's. 


IAM API: New fields are added to the employment endpoint

The following fields are added to the employment endpoint.

  • PayrollClientCode           ( P01103 Opdrachtgever)
  • PayrollInsittutionCode   ( P01104 Instelling)
  • Classification                   ( P01110 - Code doelgroep)

Learning API: User endpoint added to version 1.0

The user endpoint is added to version 1.0 of the learning API. This endpoint will return the unique ID of the user which can be used for the SSO process of a customer.


For example:

GET https://api.youforce.com/learning/v1.0/users(employeeId=10010)

By adding this endpoint version 1.0 of the learning API is  backwards compatible with version 0.1. 

Action API Consumer:

We ask you to change the url of you api call to this new version.
Version 0.1 is deprecated from now. 


Solved issues

Learning API : Texts with special chars were not displayed correctly [VRINA-1613] 

Special characters for the fields 'FirstNames' or 'KnownAs' were not correctly processed in the API database. As result to API shows the name incorrectly.

For example:

-> "KnownAs": "Desirée"

was showed as:

-> "KnownAs": "Desir?e"


The issue is solved.