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Self Service April 2022

01-04-2022 14:29 (Bijgewerkt op 07-04-2022)
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It is not possible to create a new department/function (change 3425864)

Self Service Beaufort only

When creating a new department/function combination under "Settings/system/departments/functions" the error message "Function is called incorrectly, notify your administrator".
We have now fixed this. It is now possible to create a new department/function combination under "Settings/system/departments/functions".

Warning message when selecting role in email templates (change 3420512)

In a workflow definition, an additional email can be added per activity on the 3rd tab. This additional email can be linked to a role. In this case, the warning message "You have previously chosen a role that currently no longer exists. Choose another role to ensure the mail is sent or delete the rule." was shown incorrectly. We have improved this. The warning message is only shown when a role name is no longer present.


Not able to select the first form when creating a new dialog (change 398684)

When creating a new dialog and trying o select an first form in search screen, the select pop up screen select the first form wasn’t closing anymore. The user could not continue anymore. This is fixed now.

User could only see his/her own mutation details on first form in a dialog (change 3406750)

The user couldn’t see his/her own mutation details in Done and Archive. They could only see mutation details on the first form and not from the other forms in the same mutation. This is fixed now.

Mutations were blocked in document merge process (change 3390160)

This change unblocked mutations which were blocked in document merge process because of an error 403.

Mutations are blocked when trying to generate a document (change 2999024)

This issue is not occurring anymore. The mutations blocked were unblocked on 24/03/2022 in the change 3398986 and the documents were generated.


Easycruit - HR Self Service integration improvement (change 3382713)

Now it's safe to use special characters in the Name Affix field as it no longer causes issues in the Hire Candidate process in HR Self Service.