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18-03-2022 13:16 (Bijgewerkt op 23-03-2022)
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Workflow with a '%' in the name cannot be selected in Activity Profile (change 3132840)

When searching in Activity Profile for a workflow and using a special character, an error 500 appeared. This is fixed now. You are allowed to search by special characters in column names that exist in the list of workflows.


Security issue solved by preventing javascript injections (change 3317159) 

If an attacker (hacker) can control a script that is executed in the victim's browser, then they can typically fully compromise that user. Youforce allows you to set links to websites you use. If potentially an admin gets to see the same links, this could be used to perform an XSS attack on them.

We have fixed the parameter “TransactieCode” to prevent javascript injections in Self Service. In this way an attacker cannot control a script.

Error 500 when selecting a mutation from archive List (change 3133167)

When clicking on a mutation in Done or in Archive, an error 500 appeared. The error occurred because HTML text wasn’t allowed there. (F.i. <b> - Bold text, <i> - Italic text or <mark> - Marked text). We solved this now by allowing HTML text in Done and Archive lists.

Template name is not properly displayed in the Formdump Report (change 3091010)

If the name of an existing template is changed into a new name, the new name  is not updated in the Configuration Report. We solved this. The last name of the template linked to an activity and transition will be shown in the configuration report.

Social security number (BSN number) is valid with value 000000000 (change 2924482)

Up until now it was allowed to enter and save an invalid BSN number with value 000000000. We have built in a check which doesn’t allow this anymore.

Concurrency unit fails when using expense forms (with datatype: DE) (change 446763)

When using “concurrency unit” in a workflow, an employee can only have 1 active mutation of this workflow in Todo. This was not working properly. An employee could have multiple active expense mutations at the same time.
This is fixed now.  An employee can't create more than 1 active mutation at the same time when the concurrency unit has been filled in the workflow configuration.

Datetime in GMT+0 in "uitvalverslag" (change 2875795)

When facing the audit trail of a mutation including email the datetime that is presented you will see a difference of +1 or +2 (summer) between the fact that is sending the email and the datetime that is displayed on the report.

This is fixed now. We use the CET datetime when registering email notification in "Uitvalverslag".

Error 500 - Issue in Audit Trail when the user does not exist (change 2875718)

If there is a mutation X that was started by a manager who left the company and the account or this manager was deleted in Self Service. When a different user clicked on the mutation and on the Audit trail (“+”) to see the facts an error 500 occurred.

This is fixed now. When a user doesn’t exist anymore in Self Service and another user will click on the “+” in the Audit trail, the word: “Unknown” will appear instead of the name of the deleted user.

"Failure report" tile gives an error 404 (change 2893964)

When clicking on the tile “Failure report” the user gets an error 404.
We have fixed this bug. The error isn’t occurring anymore.

Wrong typo in warning message: “Anciënniteitmoet ingevuld zijn” (change 3328705)

We have added a space between “anciënniteit”and “moet”.

Date field from the module Flex Benefits gets turned around  (change 2886003)

There was a malfunction of the system (Services). Now Flex Benefits is working as expected therefore this issue is not occurring anymore.