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Youforce Docs 2019-04 en-GB

28-03-2019 18:16
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This document describes the new functionality and improvements introduced by this release. Some of these changes have been inspired by messages and reports from customers. Where relevant, we have included a number in the section title to refer to the identification of the message (change .....) in question in our system.

General information 

This document contains important additional information for the Docs release on Thursday, April 4th, 2019.


Additional fonts


We received requests to support additional fonts in documents generated with Youforce Docs. In general, we do not install additional fonts, because license fees are required. Especially for generic applications like Youforce Docs, this is a significant amount of money each year. However, there are many Open Source fonts that can be used free of charge for commercial activities. We have decided to install the 5 most used Open Source fonts for general use, of which some are equivalents of well known commercial fonts.

  • Open Sans
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Roboto
  • Libre Franklin
  • PT Sans
  • C39barcode


The above new fonts will be added to our merge servers, which can be used in the Docs Designer (Template Editor). However, you first need to install these fonts first need to your local Windows PC to make them available in the Font Picker. The fonts will be made available for download on the Youforce Docs Publication Page within Youforce. This page also contains a list of recommend standard Windows fonts that can be used in documents, because not all Windows fonts are actually suitable for use in documents. 

Making new fonts available requires significant infrastructural changes. Also, not all fonts are suitable for use in Youforce Docs. For this reason, we do not install new fonts randomly, even when they are Open Source. When a request for a new font is made we have to determine per request if the fonts can be added, both from a technical perspective and a license perspective. Be aware that the recipient of a document (an employee for example) also needs to be able to open the document. So the font needs to be embedded in the document to be able to do that. This also means that the document becomes larger because of this. We strongly recommend choosing one of the recommended fonts to prevent any issues. 

Your action

Before you can use one of these new fonts, you need to download it from the Youforce Docs publication page on Youforce Portal and install the font on the local Windows PC on which the Docs Designer (Template Editor) will be used. The manual of the template editor will also be available on the publication page.

Attention: Please start using the new fonts after the roll-out of the releases. On the 5th of April it is save to use the new fonts.  

Publishing Date : 3/28/2019

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