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Order documents on multiple pages

av AAndersen



I these days our customers would like to add more and more information on the ordre documents. Information for intrastat, carbon footprint and more. This is information for each orderline, and it results in cluttered order lines with way too much detalis for one line. We are interested in solving this issue.


Is it possible to print (the same) orderlines on multiple pages? So the first page is a light overview (prodno, description, number, price/unit, total price ect.), and the next is details (carbon footprint, HS-code, COO ect.)? Optimal the first page would be portrait and the following information pages would be landscape. 


Is there any other way to make room for the increasing amount of details our customers demands? 




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av MartinaHolm

Hi Astrid,


It is possible to add an appendix to each order document, with extra information based on the order lines. As long as you have this information stored on the product in Visma, you can pick it up to the appendix. There are different ways to solve it, so I suggest you talk to your partner to find the most effecient way customized for your business. 

But it's absolutely solvable. 


It's good that you raise this subject, since we need to adjust more and more to this increasingly important issue and to feed the customers with correct information of carbon footprint etc.


Martina Holm

Traventus AB

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